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Too old for TikTok? Inka Magnaye shuts down those comments about ageism Read what Inka and the rest of the Anew Crew have to say about embracing aging more confidently and how you can join the movement!


Too old for TikTok? Inka Magnaye shuts down those comments about ageism Read what Inka and the rest of the Anew Crew have to say about embracing aging more confidently and how you can join the movement!

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Too old for TikTok? Inka Magnaye shuts down those comments about ageism

Read what Inka and the rest of the Anew Crew have to say about embracing aging more confidently and how you can join the movement!

In the age of social media, there are a lot more avenues for women to be critical of themselves, especially when their ages become more visible.

Fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, dark spots—each one of these can manifest as early as your twenties or maybe even later in your forties. Of course, all of these depend on how you take care of your skin and the lifestyle that you have.

Either way, when it comes to embracing aging, it has always been a struggle for most people to fully come into terms with these natural changes. However, what you do now can affect your future and if you’re taking the right steps right now you don’t have to worry about what the next days (or years) might bring!

This is what the Avon Anew Crew advocates: a pro-aging movement where women can be confident about their beauty regardless of their age.

Aging is not as dreadful as people make it out to be,” says viral TikTok content creator and professional voice artist Inka Magnaye. “I was told that I’m too old to do TikTok, but do I follow that? No!”

Being a woman of her own right, being on TikTok in her thirties isn’t the only stereotype Inka is trying to break. As part of the Anew Crew, she also explains how being more mature means her body will keep changing and accepting everything that comes with it. “That’s why when it comes to pro-aging, it means I personally accept what’s happening with my body and I realized that it’s fine. I’m thirty-three now and my body will react differently, so I should just adapt and embrace it.”

For Inka, aging isn’t an enemy women should fight, but rather natural life stage one must be ready to come to terms with and proper skincare can help you do that. She continues, “I regret learning and getting into skincare a little bit later in life but hey, the best time to start is now, right?”

Somehow, for most women, aging can also be a barrier that will keep them from doing other goals they want in life. But for beauty enthusiast Agoo Bengzon, aging is being content with one’s accomplishments while still looking forward to what the future might bring. “It’s being content with who I am right now while still being optimistic about all the cool things that I might achieve for myself. Do not let a number dictate your choices and capacities in life!”

When asked how her skincare routine has differed now that she’s in her forties, she shares, “I am now looking for ingredients that target problems such as wrinkles and sagging skin! Before it was just about hydration and maintenance.” Agoo further reiterates that it’s not important to have young-looking skin, but rather maintaining a healthy one.

As women grow into their more mature selves, skincare can be a challenge especially when these physical changes start to manifest but that doesn’t mean you need to pressure yourself in maintaining your youth. That is why for entrepreneur and content creator Ayn Bernos, she now prioritizes products with moisturizing benefits for her skin. “As I’ve gotten older, I also got to know myself and my needs that includes some things that soothes me and makes me feel good everytime I wake up in the morning that’s why I go for products that helps me feel plump and refreshed.”

Being in her late twenties, Ayn acknowledges the stigma about women getting old and she feels that it only means she’s growing to herself even more. “It’s the complete opposite of what I was thought growing up and what I’ve learned from society and media,” says Ayn. “Aging is going against the expectations that everyone has given us and embracing life as it is. It’s a privilege to age.”

For these influential women, using their voice to encourage others to be embrace aging breaks the limits that prevent women to do or be what they want—which has been prevailent in society for a long time.

Whatever stage in life you’re in, there will always be expectations thrown at you, but that shouldn’t diminish the accomplishments you’ve already done or yet to do in the future. These will all matter less when you embrace aging confidently like Inka, Agoo, and Ayn.

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I love this serum because aside from being lightweight, it actually gets absorbed by my skin right away so I don’t have to wait too long before applying makeup,” says Agoo. “It’s never really been about trying to look younger than I am, but about having healthy skin.”

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