Thursday, September 28, 2023

Super 10 Serum: Glow Beauty in just 3 days


Super 10 Serum: Glow Beauty in just 3 days

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Best Organic is one of the new and leading companies in health and wellness has launched a new product called Super 10 Serum.

The serum bottle is 15ml and it is 100% all-natural ingredients. So it’s an all-natural based serum that has antioxidant, anti-aging, and whitening at the same time. Further, the main ingredients of the serum are Aloe, Apple, Bilberry, cucumber, Lemon, oranges, maple, vitamin B3 and vitamin C.

When I started using it, I had mixed emotions because some of the ingredients are usual. I thought the results would be longer than usual.

This is the photo of my Day 1 that I use the serum. I got surprised because my natural skin becomes lightens.


Pour a drop on your finger and evenly spread with light and firm strokes to blend all over your face in a circular motion.

The serum is a sticky though light when reaches on the face and absorbs it. It is very light and I did not even notice until I slept that I had a serum on my face and woke up the next day that I applied the serum on my face. Though results are obvious because I can feel it on my face and when the mirror I can see dark spots has whitened.

On my third day of using the serum. I did love it already because my fine lines had disappeared and my dark spots really lighten so much. I believe of the anti-aging ingredient of Cucumber, sugar maple and vitamin B3. The great effective and safe because it’s FDA approved, and is also formulated in the United States. The main ingredient Sugar Maple is directly manufactured in Canada.

The amazing serum that glows, whitens, fights anti-aging since I on my 30s already.  I love using this product again and include it in my daily night routine.

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