Wednesday, March 22, 2023

SLAMCI Market Outlook 2H 2020 Forum


SLAMCI Market Outlook 2H 2020 Forum

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Philippine Market has been challenged from the start of year 2020. Further, Philippines itself have been encountering several natural disaster from Q1 up until today. The world has it’s continous battle of the Pandemic Coronavirus 2019.

I’m lucky  I was invited this meaningful online event of SunLife on Market Outlook in the midst of the Pandemic.

The realization came into place last 28 May of 2020 of how Philippine Market have been tremendously hit by the natural disaster and the Pandemic.

According to Mr. Michael Gerard D. Enriquez(Chief Investment Officer of SunLife Canada Philippine, Inc.) said “Philippine Market is very fluid” because of Coronavirus and Enchanced Community Quarantine has been happening to our country right now. As the Metro Manila transitioning from Modified Enchanced Community Quarantine to General Community Quarantine. Phil. Market may have a chance to survive.Here are some bits of graphs and illustrations provided below:

While the Phil. Market continues to battle with Pandemic COVID19 it is a good way to start with invest to mutual funds especially on health. Having an outlook of our Philippine Market was an awakening to everybody we need to be strong and be wise enough to get investments in a right way.

These are some points to consider and think about our Philippine Market below: