Friday, September 29, 2023

Primaduck Premium Pecking Duck Meat


Primaduck Premium Pecking Duck Meat

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Primaduck is being produced locally in Capas Tarlac, it sits on a 33-hectare facility, with 4 SMART housing facilities, that are all very strict in biosecurity and quality. Hence, farm-fresh, locally-produced, and world-class. Even Michellin star restos approve of our products.


To make our products more accessible, Dr Lorenzo established Yong-A and Roasted Duck Express, managed by his daughter, Ms. Catherine Ann Lorenzo. It is located in the Greenhills area and soon in NAIA3. We are very proud to say that our Roasted ducks and other food offerings are well-loved by both the Filipino and Chinese communities.We have appeared in various media already and our advantage is, we breed and produce the ducks ourselves and cook them too. (Chefs are all trained from a Chinese Roast Duck Expert, based in mainland China) (

Dr. Lorenzo ventured into the duck industry 4 years ago and has invested in the business quite heavily that generated many jobs in Tarlac, San Mateo, and Metro Manila. We are considered to be one of the very few facilities, if not, the only one who has Hitech facilities in the country, consultants and breeders are from France and Belgium. Production Operations is headed by VP Mr. Allan Casajeros

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