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Olive Oil The Amazing oil


Olive Oil The Amazing oil

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I never knew that Olive oil was also for good on skin until one of my friend taught me I can use it as a make up remover. Fortunately, when me and Tina went to the Cosmopolitan event last August, we saw a sign on Hand wash challenge for SOAPure Bath and Body booth. When I took the challenge, I got amazed because in a few minutes there’s already difference on my skin.

When I was offered for a level up, I gladly took because I knew that their products was all 100 % natural. Here’s my new skincare routine.

It was delay though for using because I was caught up to busy schedule however, when I started using these SOAPure my life was changed. My skincare regimen starts when I took a bath when going to work, going to an event, make “gala”. Here are the my new skincare routine:

I usually start with Lavender-Peppermint Sea Salt Scrub, I apply the scrub on my face, first I put a pea size sea salt scrub on my palm of my hand then I apply the scrub on my T-zone to my face and massage thoroughly in a circular motion then rinse it with cold water. In minutes, I can see the difference on my face, dark circles have reduced, whitens and smooth. Further, while scrubbing the smell is very natural and cold onto my face.

After sea salt scrub, I next proceed to the Panggas Langgas Bayabas soap, The soap is anti bacterial and anti inflammatory, infused of guava leaves and bark and it has citronella oil. I usually this soap onto my face and massage into circular motion and let it leave for a minutes then rinse with water. One of the great thing it removes dirt and oil. In addition, the smell of the soap is very natural and relaxing like when you are in spa treatment.

Lastly, I would use Skin fairy blemish balm, I get a pea size of the balm then dab on the my face and massage it for few minutes and leave it then rinse with water, dry your face with clean cloth. At the time I use it, it makes my face smoother, fairer and lightens my skin. Further, I use the skin essentials for 5 days and I was able to get the satisfaction and difference of my skin that I was looking for a long time now.

SOAPure hailed in Nueve Ecija and their products was based on all natural, skin-loving goodies specially handcrafted to make cleansing and pampering rituals as indulgent as possible. No harmful chemical or toxins guaranteed.

Having the amazing ingredient of Olive oil to almost of all their skin essentials products was a sure fire hit to me since my skin is very sensitive. Lastly, since there are no harmful chemical or toxin as their ingredient it is good on all skin types.

You may visit their Face book page: SOAPure Bath and Body

Disclaimer: This product may have worked for me but it does mean applies to you as well. Setting expectation, the products are 100% natural.

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