Friday, June 2, 2023

How does Social Media get along after 2 years?: Pandemic Era


How does Social Media get along after 2 years?: Pandemic Era

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Social media does change from time to time depends on how people’s approach. Some people use social media for business purposes, personal use, others used it to kill boredom or stress.

A lot new phone application has emerged apart from the usual FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE  & INSTAGRAM. But there’s a whole new phone application and social media trend is TIKTOK application it originated from Singapore and now one of the Top 4 Social Media Platforms when it comes to content creation and blogging.

I can still remember when I started my TIKTOK account few years ago. To be honest, I’m not fond of doing videos long or short. Further, I had no time for it since I had my work, blog gigs and personal life.

Last year 2020, TIKTOK has been most popular especially when Philippine had TOTAL LOCKDOWN for few months. Many people have switched to social media to cope with own struggles and challenges and that also includes me too. Many influencers, bloggers and even ordinary people use TIKTOK as their social media platform to influence and be recognize in order for them to survive to daily living.

As for me, I tried my best to work on my Youtube Channel. Finally, I found a courage to do videos during lockdown. I was able to share my love and passion for baking and cooking. I also learn more on editing and how it is properly done through mobile smartphone. Back then, I can say to myself that I’m a certified beginner on CONTENT CREATION. Some of my friends helped me on how to go through with it. And so, my Youtube Channel found a name and had reached first 1,000 subscribers.

Challenges and trials has continue to arise as a CONTENT CREATOR. To be part of Youtube Partner Program, it  requires you to finish 4,000 Public Watch hours. Making videos should be more impressive from videos clips, thumbnails and even niche/topic. Sadly, last year I did not finish my public watch hour.

This year 2021 was another year of being official an CONTENT CREATOR because with the help of my partner and a few friends who help me finish the public watch hour. Alas! my Youtube Channel is an official YOUTUBE PARTNER PROGRAM and eligible to earn money on my videos.

But wait there’s more, how can I earn money or revenue on Youtube Channel??! You should reach a monthly revenue of $100 and to get the “Dream GOOGLE ADSENSE PIN” it requires to have at $10 revenue on your videos. One of the best way to get it as content creator to be visible to your audience across social media platforms.

I tried a lot of other social media platforms such as LYKA, BIGO, KUMU and of course TIKTOK. Apart from I also been into social media online selling platforms too. This way I’m very visible with my audience so I can bring them to my Youtube channel.

After several trials, I finally decided to go back to my TIKTOK account,of course, bagging my courage and confidence to show that I’m a content creator on Youtube. Not knowing what will happen next.

As soon as I got back on my TIKTOK account, I started making short videos that has content. I dance, lip sync and a lot more. So, I got into a TIKTOK group called ROYAL so I can get reach a lot of audience because they promised that if you will just change profile into ROYAL LOGO, they will promote and give you lots of followers, views rather than you following them. The group did work at first because I get to reach first 1,000 followers on TIKTOK. Along the way, the group suddenly left me with lots of issues.

Thinking of what to do.. I decided to grow my followers on my own way that I know.  When I followed somebody on TIKTOK I  made sure that I left a comment letting them know that I followed them. The comment goes:

“Good job! By the way, followed you. Hope you do the same. Thank you.”

With my own effort and hoping this will work. I did reach 5,000 followers on TIKTOK. Making myself busy with it, I even forgot other my Youtube channel, website and some important people who never left me in times of crisis.

Suddenly, one day, I found myself somebody had cheated and stole things from my other social media platforms such as contents and a lot more. I can’t believe this is happening. Even on TIKTOK has gone wrong because everybody around there are not true and doing the same thing. On that point, I woke up to the reality of SOCIAL MEDIA TODAY in times of Pandemic.

“Every person would kill, sacrifice friendship and relationship and forget everybody else’s for the sake of Status, followers and Money.”

It is harsh reality because all of us wants to survive and live with Pandemic Era.

For me, I would rather choose love, frienship, respect and relationship no matter how imperfect I am. I’m contented and happy with my flaws and mistakes. Even though I have few subscribers and followers so long they are true and genuine to me.

My Youtube Channel link still stands. Though I had to say goodbye to the “D’ Wanderer Baker” but I myself will never give up. I just sometime for myself, family, friends and loved one.

SOCIAL MEDIA will always be part of our lives. But don’t let social media control your life to the extend you will forget people around you. The true people would never leave behind no matter what life brings.