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Healthy Coffee at it’s Finest


Healthy Coffee at it’s Finest

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Since I started working in the Corporate BPO industry, there a lot of drinks and coffee brands out there that I tried to keep me awake and active for the whole shift at work and at home. There are different kinds of coffee that I tasted these are strong, mild, brewed and 3 in 1. None of them, satisfies me that well. I was able to keep awake and active on the other, sometimes I experience palpitation towards the end of my shift.

Alliance Global have develop a new coffee that won’t hurt your stomach and you take coffee without worries of getting sick instead it has lots of health benefits. This is called

Liven Alkaline Coffee and it has 4 variants:

  • Original
  • Latte
  • Cappuccino
  • Sugar Free


The Liven Alkaline Coffee is not your ordinary coffee that usually take only in the morning or to keep you awake. Aside from you can take a cup of coffee without eating, you can take it any time you want without worrying of getting acidic because it has alkaline content. Further, it has very low caffeine content, so it’s good for the heart. In addition, the coffee is made from Premium Arabica Beans.

I never knew Alkaline Coffee until it was offered to me by a trusted friend and so I decided to bought one box on a reasonable price. The box has 20 sachets in it enough for 20 days. When I tried first had a sip of Alkaline coffee, I was not amused because it’s not strong. On the other hand, coffee was not sweet and it has right blend perfect for every day coffee in the end.

Getting a lots of benefits in just one of cup of Liven Alkaline Coffee. It’s very amazing. These are few benefits as follows:

  • Lowers Cholesterol Level
  • Protects Against Heart Diseases
  • Helps Prevent Cancer of Any Origin
  • Controls High Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar
  • Prevents Degenerative Diseases like Arthritis and Rheumatism
  • Enhances, Nourishes, Strengthen & Balances the Immune System
  • Rejuvenates the Skin
  • Promotes Healthy Blood Circulation and Cell Regeneration
  • Detoxifies the Body
  • Reduces Fatigue

Now, you can enjoy your every day coffee from home to at work without guilt of getting acidic and less caffeine. Further, it has also Stevia sweetener which a great substitute for sugar or honey for your cup of coffee. These coffee may unusual however, you recommend to try it so you can see the difference on your coffee experience.

If you would like to have a unique coffee experience, you may reach shoot a private message @ FB accounts: Bheng Rodrigo-Alaan or Hanny Simon or send an sms @ 09560482565 or 09198941962

You may visit their official website of AIM GLOBAL: AIMGLOBAL

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