First Product Review on Skin Care

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As part of my goal are to promote wellness, beauty and lifestyle on affordable and reasonable cost. Since this is my first product review, I can still remember back in College, I only use astringent, powder and facial cream for my every day use for my face and skin.

Today, when I sign up at the Sample Room Ph and decided to redeem my point upon sign up. These are Pond’s Age Miracle Wrinkle Corrector Day Cream and Belo Intensive Micropeeling Toner.

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I’ll start with Pond’s Age Miracle Wrinkle Corrector Day Cream and I use the day cream for last 5 days onwards. The day cream is non greasy and cream was smooth in texture and color is light pink which I love the most. Now, that I’m mid 30s, I’m glad that Pond’s Institute release this product because several days that I’m applying it to my face, the dark circles and signs of wrinkles spots has been gone.

Lastly, the cream can be use as the make up base because the smooth finish. Now, the next generation toner is Belo Intensive Whitening Micro peeling toner. I usually the toner during the day and at night before going to sleep. At first, when I’m a bit afraid and nervous because I hate the peeling effect on my face.

Belo Intensive Whitening Micro peeling is awesome because there’s no peeling effects though the ingredients for peeling are present. The toner was color orange because it has Kojic which promotes whitening.

I use these day cream during the day while the toner I use both during the day and at night after washing my face and neck with facial cleanser.


This products may have work and effective for me on the other hand, please be advise that it’s still depends on the skin types and the sensitivity of your skin. Thank you.

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