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Empress of the Light: My Tarot Journey


Empress of the Light: My Tarot Journey

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Rider-Waite Tarot
“A lot of people think that the tarot is about being psychic and getting so-called psychic powers.
The original meaning of the psyche is soul.
So the real power of the tarot is that it can help you to live your psyche, your soul, with more creativity, more awareness, more imagination, clarity, more understanding, and more joy.”
― Philippe St Genoux

Many people are asking me lately, how did I get to Tarot reading? some of my friends, colleagues, family and even my loved ones got surprised when she knew that I do read tarot and oracle cards.

Everybody can read tarot cards and oracle cards, you just have to buy a set of tarot cards either online or through a physical bookstore. From there you can start to study tarot reading. So, what makes it more fun when you develop and discover self-confidence and find the purpose of it and not just do it for no apparent reason.

Aside from finding your purpose, we should bear in mind, you start reading for yourself for everyday reading.

How to start tarot reading?

  1. Look for a tarot deck that suits and is best for yourself.

11 years ago, I bought a couple of tarot authentic decks. I bought it because of my issues without the bother of how tarot reading works. Those decks went to waste because mental health went downhill.

For me, it doesn’t matter how authentic the tarot deck or oracle deck that you will first have so long it resonates and you can start to study and it works. On the other hand, you have to treat these decks you will find the purpose of using them.

2. Cleanse the Tarot or Oracle deck

Whether you bought it online or bought it in the physical bookstore or it is a gift for you.  The Tarot deck and/or Oracle deck need to cleanse before you can study and use them.

Here are some methods to cleanse your deck/s:

  • Incense cleansing – you use incense to cleanse the deck, it is also the most affordable, reasonable, and convenient way. I recommend you a must-have of Palo Santo & White Sage plus one incense intention.
  • Crystal cleansing – place crystal quartz or selenite stone to cleanse a new or used tarot deck.  You may also black tourmaline too.
  • New Moon cleansing – put your new/ used tarot deck under the new moon, full moon.
  • Salt cleansing – put the new/used tarot deck on top of dry salt. Let it sit for 1-8 hours. For this one, be mindful of the humidity because your tarot deck might get wet especially here in our country.
  • Shuffle cleansing – one of my favorite and convenient too. Lay your new/used tarot deck on a table and then shuffle them randomly. This will reset the new tarot deck.
  • Sorting and Shuffle cleansing – this is cleansing what I usually do. Sort your tarot deck from Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. Once done, shuffle them and draw a few cards.

Cleansing your new or used tarot deck is important because the energies must be well in tune and of course your surroundings. Further, it is a must-have to do. Lastly, cleansing is usually based on Intuition or Gut feeling.

3. Familiarization with Tarot Cards

Each Tarot deck has 78 cards, there are two major components on a Tarot deck these are Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. On the contrary, Oracle decks are straightforward cards that you can easily follow through it.

There are many tarot decks for beginners, the most recommended is the Rider Waite Tarot deck because it is the most basic and easy to understand. Nevertheless, your heart will lead to the correct tarot deck for you.

4. Pulling Tarot Cards

Learning the basic meaning of Tarot Cards when starting tarot reading. The only advice I can provide is to pull up tarot cards every day. At first, apply it to your daily life then the rest will follow.

There are a lot of different techniques for Shuffling tarot cards. It depends on you and comfortable with shuffling the tarot cards. Further, shuffling denotes confidence with the tarot cards. Honestly, shuffling was one of my struggles when I started tarot reading because I have small hands.

5. Ground Yourself

Before anything else, make sure to ground yourself. Do what love by yourself. Make sure to center yourself. Frankly, this is one of my mistakes on my very first tarot journey eleven years ago. There are a lot of ways to ground yourself. Check what works and suits you.

6. Tarot Reading

When I started I usually pull up a theme tarot card every day for myself. I started with one tarot card, three tarot card readings. There is a lot of spread from One card to Celtic Cross. Being a beginner, you can try every spread that you can think of. Although my Go to spread is usually one card up to seven-card reading.

When I started reading for other people, I had a few readings from my family, Trusted friends, and loved ones. Further, aside from my research, some of them provide additional information which in return help to improve my readings.

Tarot Journey

Tarot Journey was indeed very magical because yet it comes unexpectedly. It is a gift from the above that should take care of. Love, passion, and creativity are basic ingredients. The journey toward knowledge and learning is limitless. Some tarot readers may have mentors. As for me, my best teacher are online books, tarot cards, and online Facebook groups.

My tarot journey was not easy unlike with other tarot readers. Back then, I had to endure a broken heart, I came to a point I misuse it and did not take time to learn one step at a time. I had a lot of mistakes and shortcomings and that’s one of the learning the Art of Tarot.

Imperfection, Shortcomings, and challenges would always be there as human beings.  As a Tarot reader, I get to empower myself and accept my flaws.

Tarot reading should encourage, motivate and grow as human beings.


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