Thursday, September 28, 2023

EatLog Run: My First Run


EatLog Run: My First Run

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Last October 13 (Sunday), it was the annual EatLog Run at SM MOA Running Grounds. I was pleased that I’m invited to this health and fitness event. Honestly, I’m nervous and challenged at the same time because I have asthma. Though on the other side of my mind, this event might help me to manage my sickness.

The assembly time started at 4 am in the morning. Before going, I took a shower and head to SM MOA Running Grounds. It was like a feast of runners and food enthusiasts at the same time. After I claimed for the first Singlet, I get to enjoy warm-up dance before the start of the run.

When the race of 5k distance started I get some new blogger friends and we started to run and walk. While in the middle we got to strengthen ourselves with bread and energy drinks. Towards the end of the race, we get to have Leche Flan, Gulaman, and Lechon.

In my pocket, I had my inhaler but I made not to use it because my breath got strengthen during the race. It was an exercise for me, I guess that’s a great thing. In addition, hydration was everywhere so I get to drink every now and then.

At the end of the race, I get to have my first medal.😊 I may not have won the first prize but I’m glad because I get to finish a Run race for the first time.

Feast of the race continues, food everywhere not to mention the organic foods are there. They even also have EGG PLEDGE is a pledge of egg-eating every day. Well, as for me, I think this pledge is for me because I love egg so much. I usually eat, cook and bake it…😂

Oh, I even won the raffle for my number 5594. I get to bring home Brown rice, Mogu-mogu and luncheon and many more. Thank you, La Filipina and Aldenever Events for the goodies!

It was my memorable first run ever that I won’t forget.😊




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