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Dermcare: Kwentong Pinay


Dermcare: Kwentong Pinay

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Dermcare’s 30th Year Grand Anniversary Celebration on December 9, 2019, at the Manila Hotel. In connection, they pay tribute to empowered women on social media platforms. In addition, they will be launching a new product line from Japan.

As I pay tribute to Dermcare’s women empowerment. I, myself will tell a story to a woman who undergone challenges and trials and managed to surpass it.

I have been in content writing for four years now and counting. I started writing on Tumblr as my personal use and no intention of making to make ends meet years back since I’m in the Call center industry. Further, it was my hobby back when I was in High school years.

Last March 2017 when I decided to go back to my writing formally as my first love. I use a free domain from WordPress so I can write. One of my challenges is getting my niche that I will tackle on my social media platforms as well. As I emerge as a new writer on social media there are roadblocks while conquering my goal and dreams.

The main roadblocks are getting through people on blogging and struggle my schedule for my job as well at that time. There are people who assisted and helped me to go through these roadblocks.

It was last year that I get to have my self-hosting site with the help of one of my blogger friends. I finally got a chance to prove myself and earn confidence in what I’m doing. Apart from being confident, I did get a chance to grow my Youtube channel with the assistance of a group where I get to meet new blogger friends alike.

Being in the Blogging industry, you get to meet a lot of new people, new friends but family and loved ones would always there for my success and challenges in life. Further, I learn few people would true to you and will remain to be there no matter what happens and never leave you behind.

Mid-year 2019, I decided to leave the blogging groups where I was a member though some of them remain, my friend, I’m happy and content to be independent and I be myself with carrying my own brand. As I left this Blogging groups, I have the opportunity to share my learnings and best practices on bloggers to new bloggers because I had been in their shoes once.

As I conquer a new road on blogging, I learn and realized I have to give up my call center job and conquer the FREELANCING life meanwhile I was given a chance to set up my own food business with the help of my family and friends.

Freelancing is another part of my blogging life. There are people I let go and meet new friends and colleagues. In addition, time management plays a big challenge again because I need to look after my food business, family and friends. Sometimes, I even forget to take self-care, good thing Dermcare has been there for me all throughout to cater to my needs such as facials, waxing and a lot more.

So, as I conquer another new journey blogging life. “Change is inevitable” but I did remain constant because I earn self-confidence, courage and unconditionally love people without any conditions.

I was bullied, bashed, rejected, criticized, experienced depression and even though of giving up everything. I’m not just an ordinary woman, I’m a woman who deserves respect, dignity and a responsible Filipino citizen especially on social media. Lastly, I’m being empowered by my beliefs, knowledge, and faith in God. As I continue to grow and learn on my own, I am confident that I can win every battle in life and be empowered to all women. This is my story on Kwentong Pinay. How about you?


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