Friday, September 29, 2023

Dear Future Self | An Open Letter to my Future Self on 2025


Dear Future Self | An Open Letter to my Future Self on 2025

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Dear Future Me,

In your thirty-seven years of existence, how far have you been through life? Have you ever changed? Is this change for the better? How many people whom you let go? How many people have lost? How can handle pain and loss? These are a few questions that linger in your mind.

You have been through deception, loss, and pain. So, you have to ask yourself why you have to go through with all these challenges?!? Challenges made you a strong and different person through times. Trials made you realize the people who never leave you behind.

In the next three to five years, you look forward to more successful you. Successful in a sense you have full self-confidence to what you’re doing and what you truly believe and of course passion and love of your craft. Further, you attained goals in life and you still have the people who have trusted, loved and believe in you to your abilities and talents that you can make it top.

Challenges and trials are still there. You are strong enough to face it and hold your heads up high to go through and surpass it with the help of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Thank you for being a strong woman for facing it head-on especially when you almost lost everything. Thank you for the people who never fail to believe in you that you can make it. Looking forward to being with you guys for the next three to five years in my life.


Future Me




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