Thursday, March 23, 2023

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Philippine Coast Guard Releases 50 Endangered Sea Turtles In Naic, Cavite

In an effort to conserve wildlife around the nation, more than 50 sea turtle hatchlings were released in Cavite.

Debunking 5 Myths About SOGIE Equality Bill

Know the truth about the SOGIE Equality Bill by dispelling its widespread misconceptions, from its scope to its significance.

Eumir Marcial Records His 4th Straight Win After Defeating Veteran Argentine Foe

Eumir Marcial, a Filipino professional boxer, is still unbeaten with a perfect record.

Yulo Receives House Resolution For His Recent International Win

After Carlos Yulo claimed two medals at the World Artistic Gymnastics Championship, the Senate released a house bill in recognition of his win.

Scientist Glenn Banaguas, First Filipino To Join Royal Society of Arts In UK

Filipino scientist Glenn Banaguas became the first Pinoy scientist to make it into the Royal Society of Arts in the United Kingdom.

ArtistSpace Features “Pugad Ni Art Studio” As Its First Exhibit For 2023

The first artists to be highlighted by ArtistSpace this year were Pugad ni Art Studio artists from Luzon.

Heavy Traffic For Intern Commuters? 6 Tips To Make Your Traffic Journey Productive

The Philippines is known for having horrendous traffic, especially now that we are returning to normal after years of staying at home due to the pandemic. Universities have also started face-to-face internships. Students are...

10 Beautiful Spots From “Emily In Paris” In Your Next Parisian Visit

Everyone dreams of being a la Emily in Paris, don’t you? As we all know, Paris is the home of the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and all the lovely settings of the popular TV...

Introduction 101: Tips To Make Your Introduction More Creative

The first day of school sets the mood for the whole academic year. Like the saying goes, “first impressions last.” So, you have to definitely ace your first day, which also means a new...

5 Breathing Techniques For Stress Relief

When everything seems overwhelming, pause and take a full deep breath. As you inhale, your heart rate speeds up. As you exhale, your heart rate slows down. This routine calms down the nervous system...