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A Valentine to Remember


A Valentine to Remember

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We been together for 5 years and we usually celebrate on a Post Valentine years back because we both have work and other family duties. Further, we’re both ends, I’m from the north and she’s from the south.

On the contrary, we decided to live together. Living together is the most challenging yet, grateful because we’re both family oriented and God fearing. It’s been 5 years being together and I believe that we’re still getting to new discoveries from both of us but love still remains.

We are not ordinary couple because we belong to the LGBT Philippine Community and we’re proud. As a part of the Love Month, we would like to share a piece of our lives and our story. The story began when we’re in High school, we are batch mates but different section and never had “Barkada” on the other hand, we have common friends. She has barkada which they call it “Lajore” while I’m very silent and timid person back then. Since were batch mate we just knew each other by name and face not close; like an acquaintance. After graduation, we separated ways and go on with our lives. Her family moved to Laguna while my family moved to Tarlac and never had any communication until I graduated from College and move back to Manila to look for work.

Challenges came drastic to my life, I lost my father then I met someone and broke my heart. I never knew moment broke my heart is one step away from my love. It was November 2011, when I finally decided to moved on and leave everything behind. While chatting to one of our close friend for a Family Travel trip in Hongkong, I suddenly told her that I’m ready to go on a date again and give another try. Our friend provided me number to text and she even asked if I can still our batch mate and no worry on my mind said “of course Yes, I remember her.” First SMS message was a bit awkward to me because I was the making a move and she suddenly replied, out of the blue and we became friends. Friends became to Lovers and now were 5th year and were still in love and happy together.

We normally spend our Valentine’s day for a day and then go back to work. This year was a change because it was week long celebration because we can’t go out on date for long due to our new Home Business.

Last 14 of February at around 9 PM in the evening after a quick dinner she surprised me with 3 Snicker Chocolate bars which she bought through a convenience store nearby 2 or 3 days before Valentine’s day. Further, in the morning of the same day she greeted me Happy Valentine’s day as well.

Today, after morning mass and we went to straight to Southwoods Mall and it was another surprise because it was date together. Since Valentine’s day and Chinese New Year are the same week, we thought of quick date and stroll around the mall with read our luck for the year.

She was born on Year of the Pig.

I was born on Year of the Dog.

After strolling down to the mall, we decided to have a quick snack at Bon Chon. Bon Chon has an array of Korean fast food menu and we’re happy it’s near our home.

Bon Chon is famous with their Korean Fried Chicken with rice on a reasonable cost. Further, they also offers Bingsu as dessert. Originally Bon Chon was a first store in South Korea and with passion of perfecting fried chicken cooking technique that ensures a paper thin-crispy texture outside and juicy meat inside. The founder Jinduk Seh even spend 2 years creating the perfect addictive glaze that embody the rich and distinct Korean flavors such as Soy Garlic and Spicy. Bonchon’s original soy garlic and spicy sauce, which to this day is made in Korea and shipped worldwide. We are glad Bon Chon reached farther south of the Philippines.

Bon Chon’s Chapchae (Ala Carte)

Bon Chon Chapchae was the best Chapchae that I tasted because the noodles was perfectly cooked and veggies was very crisp and flavorful topped with sesame seeds. It was superb! The price of Regular Chapchae is for P95.00.

Krazy KoDog Potato and Cheese Box Meal with Drink

Bon Chon newest addition to their snack meal, the Krazy KoDog Cheesy Potato. The ordered with fries and drink of choice. This is a unique Hotdog snack that I ever tasted because it is not just regular because it topped cheese and crispy that accents the taste of the cheese which I love since I’m also a cheese lover as well. The meal inclusion of drink is for P159.

The Valentine’s day Celebration was unique though because we usually made plans for the occasion and the adventures we’re going to do. This is a bit new to me because we stayed at our home and took care of our business and got a quick date and impromptu surprise to her.

Valentine’s day celebration can be celebrated on any day because for us, so long as we love each other and we are here for each other’s ups and down and love will always remain in us. This meaning of the Valentines and which we can always celebrate everyday with our family, friends and loved ones.

Happy Heart’s Month everyone!

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