Wednesday, March 22, 2023

A Love to Last: Pride Month Special


A Love to Last: Pride Month Special

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June is Pride Month once again. No matter how are going through right now. Nobody can stopping us our Pride. We may not on streets with glamorous floats with banners but we pursue via livestream and social media.

Today, I’m not the center of it but the couple that keeping their relationship more stronger for first decade. They are Candy Moraldo and Leedo Ortega Caratay from Quezon City. They living together for 10 years and 7 days and counting as they grow stronger.

The best thing of their relationship both of their families truly accepted their relationship on Domestic Partnership. Furthermore, they started as officemates in Makati as they knew how to give and take from the start.

The challenges of their relationship was when somebody private message someone else. On other hand, they were able to keep their relationship because of Constant Open Communication, Love, Respect and Trust.

We also had a great interview with them last Sunday (June 21). We may have a lot of challenges during that time. We highly appreciate their presence for the interview.  They are one of the examples of “Hindi Papatinag” because they keep their relationship a live and lovely.

Here’s the link down below for the Livestream interview:

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