Friday, September 29, 2023

2018 Brings New Beginning


2018 Brings New Beginning

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2017 was started with a challenged because my parents had left us and had a week of break up to a special someone. Though challenged was tough and rough was able to manage and lead me to the direction that became fruitful and meaningful towards the end of the year.

In addition, 2017 was the year I went back to back to blogging. Blogging was became big part of my life. At first, I’m not that serious because I want to de stress from all worries and challenges encounter on my daily life however, somebody from a Facebook group made me realized that blogging could be passion not just writing at all.

From there on, I started to think on how can I grow and improve my blogging. Luckily, first blogging meet up came in to me that’s when I learn and gain more knowledge on blogging. Moreover, my blogging opened more opportunities for me. I get to write more famous Feng Shui Master Hanz Cua and then became part of Tag Media blogger and PR posts. Thank you for Ms. Grace Bondad Nicholas for giving the opportunity. Further, Mr. Roel Umali Hernandez made me a Group Admin at The Blogger Masterclas because he never fails to believe that I can make it and my niche is a meaningful and interesting.

Furthermore, my life partner became my partner blogger who supports me to have quality pictures and recommends gadgets that I need. We may have rough patches last year however, there’s no perfect relationship; its how two people manage to keep them together. In addition, in blogging was able to gain more friends and trusted friends. We may not meet on a daily basis but I know they’re here to stay.

Blogging changed my life a lot. Thank you for my family though you were not here beside all year around. I know you just there beside as always. Thank you for the people who believes in me and will continue to believe in me that I can make it to the end. To my life partner and partner blogger, thank you for trusting that our relationship will prosper and our love will always be there for each other.

Last night, after welcoming 2018 and saying goodbye to 2017. I look forward for more learning, knowledge and developments to blogging and vlogging as well.

As I read 2018 is Year of the Dog. This is the year when I was born. I look forward to new beginnings. As part of new beginning, soon I will upgrade to my blog y soon and stay tuned to new business partners. Together with my life partner and partner blogger we will entice more cafes, travels and food trips around the metro. Lastly, stay tuned for new change to our blog.

See you guys!

-Baker Wanderers courtesy to one TBM co admin

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